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Two sites, 1 droplet

So I’ve now got two websites. Finally I’m doing something with my other domain name,, which I bought almost a year ago. (Yes, I spent ~$11* on it and left it sitting there for almost an entire year, sue me.)

*Prices on this blog are in SGD cause I’m Singaporean and living in Singapore

So here is the breakdown of my two sites:  – Basically my blog. This blog that you’re reading now. The TLD is for vanity, cause hey, I rock. – This is going to be my website. I’ve not decided what I want to do with it yet. I might make it similar-ish to Yong Jie’s website, with a link to the blog and my resume. Probably not with the big background image of *me*, I don’t like to see my face very much.

Alright. So lets get talking about how I set up the two sites on my single, $7/mth  Droplet.

First, I followed this tutorial, and also changed the IP where my domain was pointing to (which took a few hours to propagate. So if you change your IP, don’t fret if its not going exactly where you want immediately.


If you see something like this after changing your IP, don’t worry too much. Wait a few hours (up to 24), DNS needs time to propogate

After that, I had another problem. The domain was pointing to the correct server… but not to the correct page. It was showing my blog instead of the blank white page that says “TEST Jeannel” on it.


Yes, this is how my .com website looks like now, and in the foreseeable future.

And so, I journey back into /etc/apache2/sites-available to see what’s wrong. And there was nothing wrong with how it was configured (I even sent screenshots to Yong Jie to double check). The fix…. all I had to do was restart my apache and it was fine. Damnit.

“Did you try turning it off and on again?”

~sudo service apache2 restart, 2016

So all would be well once everything is nicely configured right? Not quite. Turns out, while I could get to my blog, I couldn’t get to my wordpress admin login page.

Oh no! I won't be able to blog anymore!

Oh no! I won’t be able to blog anymore!

Why did this happen? Well, when I initially set up my wordpress, I hadn’t assigned the .rocks domain name and it was using my IP address as the wordpress URL (so the admin page was at “(My IP Address/wp-admin). Since now the default settings (where my IP address points to, and where typing my IP address in the browser will bring you) was pointing to a different Document Root, it can’t find (Default Document Root/wp-admin). This can be fixed by pointing the 000-default.conf file to the right document root. I also subsequently changed my wordpress settings such that is the wordpress URL.


Error Establishing Database Connection

So, I got an error recently where, when I tried getting into my site it would show an error which looks like this

So I ventured into google and came across this blog post:

Digital Ocean: Error Establishing Database Connection

In particular, this Champion’s comment. Which was the error I had.

2016-09-20 12_10_24-Error establishing a database connection _ DigitalOcean

Unfortunately, trying to start in this way resulted in another error.

2016-09-20 12_42_19-jeannel@JeannelMahRocks_ ~


So more Google:

Ask Ubuntu: MySQL Start Error

In particular this potion:

2016-09-20 12_13_44-upstart - _Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type=_method_call_, sender=__

Got my problem fixed real quick, and now my site is running again, YAY!