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Setting up Google Suite

So. Vanity took the best of me and I decided to get an email which ends with

In my search on how exactly to do something like this, I went to Google for options on how to get it set up. What I found were a couple of options:

  1. I could set up my own mail server, which would be a royal pain in the ass for a scrub like me, I’m already having enough trouble getting my website up.
  2. I could use some free options for host providers just to receive emails. But most of these require some form of configuration with my server, have limited functionality and limited assistance if I needed to.
  3. I could sign up for Google Suites and pay USD5 a month and have access to a bunch of other GSuite apps like Calendar, Drive, etc.

While I was deciding, I went to consult with my confidant and tech-wiz Yong Jie.


And he basically told me all that I already knew.

I also asked others…

But after half an hour, I was basically just finding an excuse to fork out USD5 a month for GSuites



In the end, I succumbed. I took out my credit card and signed up for Google Suites, they had a 1 year plan which is marginally cheaper than their monthly plan ($50 a year as opposed to $5 a month).

I’m not going to write down the whole process of signing up for an account and getting it set up, because it is so easy and they have a tutorial on how to get it set up with your domain.

But! I am going to tell you how to set up catch-all, because I was confused at first, so I think someone else might be too.

Alright, so I couldn’t decide what email address I wanted. sounded nice. sounded professional. is easy as hell to type. would be amazing. Well, when I was asking around about it I found out that you can actually setup a catchall address, so that anything invalid sent to would actually reach me.

So when you log in to the GSuites admin console it looks like this:

 And this is the path that you should go through:

Once you’re at the page, look for this topic:

There is a topic called “Default Routing” above this which talks about catchall, ignore that and just scroll all the way down to find “Advanced Settings”, then scroll all the way down General Setting and look for Routing:

Edit the settings for this, select (unrecognised/catch-all) for account types to set, and set the email that it will be sent to.

Voila, now you’ll receive emails sent to your domain no matter what comes before the!